Pete Rankin & Transits of Mercury really knocked it out of the park with their David Lynch/Twin Peaks inspired soundtrack. Listen for yourself, some sample tracks used in the film below.

PETER RANKIN (composer)

Peter Rankin is formerly the lead singer and principal songwriter of the Robots whose releases include 2007’s Good Hart Worker and 2009’s Hey Buddy, Dummy. The S.I.N. Theory soundtrack marks his first foray into film music. Rankin’s influences include Brian Eno and the Super Nintendo.


Transits of Mercury is the longtime electronic side project of musician Mike Abercrombie. Currently residing in Toronto Ontario, Mike is also one half of the experimental, ambient & electronic duo North Atlantic Drift. Though originally a guitar player, Mike has been collecting keyboards and electronics for over a decade now fueling his love for experimentations in sound.

The film also features tracks by The Robots and Scott Gallant