JEREMY LARTER (associate producer and performing Dr. Michael Leimann)

Jeremy is the co-creator, producer and director of the 7 episode comedy series “Just Passing Through” (JPT) which has garnished critical acclaim from TV Guide Canada and the Globe And Mail.  JPT was funded through the prestigious Independent Production Fund and Innovation PEI. Prior to JPT, with limited budgets but a great deal of determination, Jeremy has created three successful web series: “Profile PEI”, “Ponderings” and most recently, “Leafs Beefs”. All have been watched hundreds of thousands of times, received nation wide press and generated a global audience. “Ponderings” was short-listed for Best Original Web Series at the 2010 Vimeo Awards.

Jeremy Larter has starred in most of his creations, including a lead role in JPT. He played Slender Tips Doucette in the Prince Edward Island feature film “Jiggers” that screened at The Atlantic Film Festival. He played a leading role in the feature film “Naked Til Night” that has screened internationally. Jeremy received his acting training at The New School of Drama and The Second City training institute.

RICHIE MITCHELL (writer/director/producer)

During his studies, Richie's short films have screened in festivals on both sides of the border. Since moving to Toronto, 2010 Richie has directed a growing number of music videos, 3 of which were funded by muchFACT!; a division of a Canadian music television channel. In 2011 Richie (and his co-director) earned an ECMA Music Video of the Year nomination for his Two Hours Traffic “Noisemaker” music video (watch video) and has worked as a VFX Editor for Shark Teeth Films; creating commercial animatics and contributing as VFX coodinator on feature length film Good Satan.

After two feature length projects failed to obtain proper financing and move past development, early 2011 Richie bit the bullet and self financed and directed a contained sci-fi feature length film he wrote; a lo-no budget project loaded with cerebral mathematics and 1980 synthesizers.

ALLISON DAWN DOIRON (performing Evelyn Palmer)

While studying film acting at Humber College Toronto, Allison was tutored by such actors as John Bourgeois, Maria Ricossa, Sheila McCarthy, Allan Guttman and David Ferry to name a few. She signed with Lisa DeMeo at Edna Talent Management before completing the program and within her first month of signing with her agent she landed a small role in a feature film “Your Side of the Bed” by Jason Jeffery and starring Matt Gordon. During that time she was also co-staring with Jeremy Larter in another feature length film called “S.I.N. Theory”, a film by Richie Mitchell. Allison moved on to play a large principal role in the feature called “And Now a Word from our Sponsor” where she was able to work along side Parker Posey, Bruce Greenwood, and Callum Blue. She has done two national commercials and has just finished an episode of Syfy and Showcase’s “Lost Girl” where she had a
large principal role.

FARID YAZDANI (performing David)

Like his co-star, Farid attended the School of Creative and Performing Arts at Humber College in 2009 where he trained with Canadian Actors; John Bourgeois, Sheila McCarthy, Allan Guttman, Maria Ricossa, Christina Collins, David Ferry and Michael Caruana [to name a few]. During this time he landed a Lead role in the play “Paul & Priya’s Wedding”. Before graduating in 2011 he signed with ETM and booked a Principal role on “My Babysitter’s a Vampire (Disney)” shortly after signing. His most recent credits are a role on “XIII (Showcase)”, sharing the screen with Stuart Townsend, and a comedic National TV commercial for Taco Bell. Farid is currently working out of  Toronto, Ontario.

RICHARD GUPPY (performing Sean)


A graduate of the prestigious New School of Drama, Richard Guppy believes the most important thing you can show an audience is truth. He gained the attention of critics in 2011 for his tragic portrayal of an accused inmate in the first ever Alumnae Theatre production of “Solitary”. Previously, his lead performance in the feature film “Naked Til Night”, (played at Falstaff International Film Festival - England) was officially nominated for Best International Feature in competition. His upcoming films for 2013 include the leading role in “Crossroads”, an international feature film spanning two continents and a guest appearance in “S.I.N Theory”, director Richie Mitchell’s debut feature length thriller, currently playing throughout festivals in North America. Richard is honored to have worked with so many talented directors, actors and crew and is humbled to be chosen for such timely and challenging character roles.

STEPHEN J. HOGAN (performing Corporate Thug 1)

Stephen Hogan grew up zigzagging his way across the country like a gypsy looking for high-heels.  He found a home deep in Cornwall, a rough burrow in Prince Edward Island, and constantly sucker punched anyone who crossed his path.  Naturally Stephen struggled through life, taking each of life’s blows like a grain of salt until one day when a young writer named Mickey Acorn saw something in him and put him in a small stage play called Garret.  That was all it took, Stephen caught the acting bug and made the long journey from the visceral Island to the big city of Toronto to "make it big" in the shoestring budget film industry.  At first Stephen was repeatedly beat down by the  city, like by the brass knuckles that once haunted his dreams, until one night he bumped into someone along Toronto's murder alley, Sherbourne Street. He wished it was a hooker but it wasn't, t'was director Richie Mitchell. Half true by the way.

ED LEWIS (performing Corporate Thug 2)

Ed Lewis is a part time artist and carny, although his fiance believes he has a career in electrical metering. In 2001 Ed was diagnosed with ADHD. Shortly after his therapist recommended acting in shoestring budget films for treatment, to fuse and focus his energy. But really it's because he's Richie's pal and got suckered into this movie, much like Stephen.

CASPER LUNDBAK (executive producer)

Casper Lundbak is the Director of European Operations & Producer at Continuum Pictures, and owner of Casper Lundbak Productions. Some of Casper's forces lie in creating new projects, overseeing productions, managing large teams, negotiating deals and plan future strategies. Casper has many assets and works well with everything from feature films and television, to commercials and music videos.